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Varian Turbo-V 250 controller (Copy)

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Varian Turbo-V 250 controller (Copy)

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Manufacturer : Varian

Model : Turbo-V 250

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Varian Turbo-V 250 controller

Manufacturer : Varian

Model : Turbo-V 250

Part Number : 969-9523

Made in : Italy

Weight lbs : 10

Electrical :

  • Volts : 120          
  • Hz : 47 / 63
  • VA : 450  
  • Phases : 1

Condition :

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The controller model 969-9504 is a solid-state frequency converter which is driven by a single chip microcomputer and is composed of:
− Power transformer
− Left panel with input/output connector
− Right panel with pump connector and hand held terminal connector
− PCB including: power supply and 3-phase output, analog and input/output section, microprocessor and digital section
− PCB external input/output interface.

The power supply and the 3-phase output converts the single phase (50-60 Hz) AC mains supply into a 3-phase, low voltage, medium frequency output which is required to power the Turbo-V pump.
The microcomputer generates the variable output frequency and controls the 3-phase output voltage according to the software and the gas load condition of the pump.
Moreover, it manages signals from sensors, input/output connection information to be displayed, and gives outputs for a fully automatic operation.
A dedicated non-volatile RAM is used to store pump operating parameters and the input/output programmed information upon failure for a period of 10 years
accumulated off time.
The controller can be operated by remote signals via the left panel connector and may be monitored/reprogrammed using the optional hand held terminal via the right panel connector.

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Turbo-V 250