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Varian CP 8410 Autosampler

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Varian CP 8410 Autosampler

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Manufacturer : Varian

Model : CP 8410

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Varian CP 8410 Autosampler

Manufacturer : Varian

Model : CP 8410

Part Number : CP 742317

Made in : Netherland

Weight lbs : 10

Condition : Brand New

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The CP-8410 is a 100 vial capacity AutoSampler designed to be used with the CP-3800 GC.

The CP-8410 is an AutoInjector based on the CP-8400; it has a manually positioned tray and can accommodate up to 10, 6, and 5 each of 2 mL, 5 mL and 10 mL vials, respectively. Both the AutoSampler and AutoInjector can inject into up to two injectors; the injection may be made into either one or the other of the injectors or into both (either from the same vial or from adjacent vials) during the same run.

You may select to sample just before injecting or you may choose to have the Auto Sampler prepare the next injection before the current run ends (Prep Ahead). Both the CP-8400 and CP-8410 are
preprogrammed with several injection modes (Standard On-Column, Standard Split/Splitless, Viscous, Volatile, and Neat) that are optimized for most common types of samples.

The User Defined mode allows access to all parameters and should be used with discretion since injection accuracy and precision may be adversely affected by incorrect choice of certain parameters.

The SPME mode requires different hardware (optional) and is selected through a switch on the Auto Sampler’s syringe carriage. If the SPME mode is selected the other injection modes will not be presented to you.

Once your  CP-8410 is installed and calibrated, you may begin running immediately. To perform a single injection, complete the following steps:
1. Press the green Start button located at the upper left corner of the CP-3800 keypad.
2. Enter the vial number, number of replicate injections, the injection volume, and which injector you wish to use.
3. Press the AutoInject softkey

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