Thermolyne M-16715 Series 241 Maxi Mix Mixer



Thermolyne M-16715 Series 241 Maxi Mix Mixer


  • Manufacturer: Thermolyne
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For fast, thorough vortex mixing in the lab. Ideal for enzymatic and RIA assays, general test tube mixing, biochemical assays, vortexing cell suspensions, mixing tissue samples and viral dilution preparation.

Small enough to fit almost anywhere. Can simultaneously vortex up to four test tubes. Variable mixing action is provided by simply changing the pressure of tube against foam rubber top.

– Powerful 3000rpm motor

4″ Diameter

Other Informations (if applicable)

Model : M-16715 Series 241
Part Number :

Electrical Specs (if applicable)

Volts : 120
HZs : 50~60
Watts :
Amps : .5
VA :
Phases : 1

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Weight 8 lbs