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Thermo Scientific Orion 5 Star

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Thermo Scientific Orion 5 Star

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Thermo Scientific Orion 5 Star

Manufacturer : Thermo Scientific

Model : Orion 5 Star

Made in : USA

Weight lbs : 7

Electrical : Four AA batteries deliver over 2,000 hours of continuous operatio

Condition : Fully tested

Included : Temperature probe

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Orion 5-Star and Star Plus meters provide the multi-parameter measurementsof pH/ISE/dissolved oxygen/conductivity, pH/dissolved oxygen/conductivity
or pH/RDO optical dissolved oxygen/conductivity.

Meter Features
To better meet the needs of users in environmental protection and control, foodand beverage, pharmaceutical and consumer product laboratories, the Orion Star
and Star Plus series meters include these key features:
• Password Protected Methods – The meter will save up to ten custommeasurements and calibrations for future reference. Password protection of each method eliminates any tampering with methods as multiple users access only the procedure most appropriate to their work.
• AUTO-READ – The meter takes a measurement and automatically prints or logs data when the reading becomes stable. The measurement is frozen on the display until the user prompts the meter to take a new measurement.
• Stirrer Control  5-Star benchtop meters have a stirrer control for the stirrer probe, Cat. No. 096019, and the AUTO-STIR™ BOD probe that eliminates the need for magnetic stir plates and stir bars.
• SMART STABILITY™ and SMART AVERAGING™– Remove the guesswork by automatically compensating for measurement conditions and optimizing the meter response time.
• Display Backlight –  5-Star meters include a display backlight feature. When the meter is on, a quick press of will turn the backlight on and off. When the meter is operating on battery power, the backlight will automatically turn off after two minutes to conserve power. When batteries are low, the backlight will no longer turn on.
• Automatic Shutoff – The meters will shut down after 20 minutes without a keypress. This maximizes battery power on portable meters and benchtop meters that are being run on battery power.
• Audible Signals – The meter will beep whenever a key is pressed, providing immediate verification that the user’s input was received. An easy-to-use reference guide, attached to each meter, supports daily meter use.

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