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Techne Genius FGEN02TP Sample Heater

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Techne Genius FGEN02TP Sample Heater

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Regardless of the block type being used all samples are heated to a programmed temperature and held to very precise limits.

Speed – Throughput of samples is quick – due to the overall performance of the heating and cooling cycle of the Genius a 30 cycle programme can be completed in well under one hour, freeing the instrument for several PCR runs in a normal working day.

Performance – In addition to the speed of heating and cooling the on board processor and PRT sensor ensure a high degree of temperature stability and uniformity of the block so that all samples are processed to the programmed requirements. The Genius Thermal Cycler comes complete with a heated lid as standard and is designed to reduce to a minimum refluxing of the sample onto the lid and side walls of the sample tube. A unique spring device within the heated lid ensures that contact is made with all the sample tubes and self adjusts to suit different sizes of tube used in the various block options.

Versatility – A major feature of the Genius is the ability of the user to change from one block type to another. Techne engineers have developed a truly user friendly interchangeable block system which allows blocks to be changed from one type to another in amatter of seconds without the need of any tools.

40, v2.10 Bloc B

Other Informations (if applicable)

Model : Genius FGEN02TP
Part Number : v2.10 Bloc B

Electrical Specs (if applicable)

Volts : 120
HZs : 50~60
Watts : 620
Amps : 52
VA :
Phases : 1

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