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Restek Stabilwax-DB Chromatography Column

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Restek Stabilwax-DB Chromatography Column

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Restek Stabilwax-DB Fused Silica Chromatography Column

Polar phase; Crossbond¶© base-deactivated Carbowax¶© polyethylene glycol-for amines and basic compounds.
Application-specific columns for underivatized amines and other basic compounds, including alkylamines, diamines, triamines, nitrogen-containing heterocyclics. No need for column priming

Length: 30 m
ID: 0.32 mm
df: 1.00¶æm
Temp. Limits: 40 to 210/220 ¶øC

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Model : Stabilwax-DB
Part Number : 10854

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