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PerkinElmer- Spectrum 100N FTNIR Spectrometer( plug and play with computer )

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PerkinElmer- Spectrum 100N FTNIR Spectrometer( plug and play with computer )

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PerkinElmer  FTNIR Spectrometer   ( plug and play with computer )

Model : Spectrum 100N

Made in : U.K.

Weight lbs : 200


  • Pri: 100 / 230       
  • Hz:  50 / 60       
  • Amps:    1.5    
  • Phases: 1

Condition : Fully tested

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The PerkinElmer Spectrum™ 100N FT-NIR spectrometer is the gold standard for research, materials testing and academia.
The system’s high sensitivity, sampling speed, and stability, backed by PerkinElmer’s knowledge, experience and responsive service and support, enable laboratories to achieve the highest quality and reproducible results with ease. Nowhere else will you receive the same confidence in a Near-Infrared system than with the PerkinElmer Spectrum 100N FT-NIR system.

Technical Specifications
PerkinElmer FT-NIR spectrometers are built to the highest ISO-9001 manufacturing standards.
Our technical specifications document presents confirmed performance specifications based on 100% product factory testing.
All instruments will meet or achieve better than the confirmed specifications, under normal conditions of use as described in the user manual.


  • Exclusive source design for accurate, repeatable measurements
  • Go button and LCD display for increased productivity and ease-of-use
  • Smart, zero-alignment, modular accessories for quick, predictable and reproducible sampling
  • NIR Remote Solids Probe al lws sampling of solids or poweders up to 10 meters from the instrument
  • Intuitive software ensures easy and consistent operation
  • Atmospheric Vapor Compensation (AVC) enhances accuracy and precision
  • Absolute Virtual Instrument (AVI) standardizes the instrument’s wavenumber scale to a far higher accuracy than can be achieved with conventional calibration methods
  • Spectrum software provides intuitive user operation and helps ensure consistent results, day-to-day, user-to-user.


Included :

  • Fiber optic module : Spectrum ONE NTS with fiber optic interface
  • Instrument performance validation kit : NIR polystyrene traceable reference
  • Standard immersion probe : 661.000 1mm , with 041.102-NIR  2m
  • Manuals
  • Computer with : Perkin Elmer Spectrum ES v installed
  • Software : Spectrum ES V 6.3.2  + v 7. License included
  • + spares parts.


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