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Oakton FlexipHet pH electrodes, Penetration tip

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Oakton FlexipHet pH electrodes, Penetration tip

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Model : FlexipHet

Part Number : 35815-15

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Oakton FlexipHet pH electrodes , Penetration tip

Manufacturer : Oakton

Model : FlexipHet

Part Number : 35815-15

Made in : Netherland

Weight lbs : 2

Condition : In used when removed

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Use FlexipHet electrodes with any standard pH meter with a BNC connector— no specialized meters needed! FlexipHet electrodes use silicon chip sensor ISFET technology for areas where broken glass electrodes can be hazardous to the sample or the environment. The clog-resistant sensing area requires minimal routine maintenance—simply run under water or use a toothbrush to clean.

Industrial Applications: Use in water conditioning plants; cooling towers, plating and finishing operations; pulp and paper; water-based inks, paints and coatings; printing; pharmaceutical and cosmetic manufacturing; water testing; chemical production; water and waste water treatment; rinse water analysis; and chemical process verification. Food applications: Measure pH of food, beer, wine, milk, soft-drinks, cheese, meats and other semi-solids, cleaning water, rinse water, and wastewater.
Environmental/Agricultural Applications: Use in ecology studies, aquariums, hydroponics, and environmental monitoring. Use penetration probe for soil testing.
Laboratory Applications: Use in all types of food analysis, quality assurance testing, petrochemical, chemical and titration applications.


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FlexipHet 35815-15