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Epson HX-20 Portable Computer

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Epson HX-20 Portable Computer

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The Epson HX-20 is the worldƒ??s first notebook size portable computer. It features a full-size keyboard, a built-in 24-column dot-matrix micro-printer that produces both text and graphics andfor loading programs and storing data, a built-in microcassette tape drive. An easy-to-read LCD screen provides a 20-character by 4-line text display qith a 120×32 dot graphics resolution.

Features :
Ideal for dedicated vertical applications.
Compact and lightweight for easy portability.
Postal metering device : for metering outgoing mail; Imprinting company or individual identification on envelopes.
Inventory control : monitoring incoming and outgoing stock
Medical database : use to determine a patientƒ??s most effective treatment in hospitals ; use to collect and store medical information.
Hotel key programming : track room keys to specific guests ; Determine the status of each room during the course of a guestƒ??s stay.
Bar code reader
Data collector

Specifications :
RAM : 16k standard
ROM : 32k standard
Main Cpu : CMOS 8 bit 6301 microprocessor 614KHz clock rate

Other Informations (if applicable)

Model : HX-20
Part Number :

Electrical Specs (if applicable)

Volts : 4.8
HZs :
Watts :
Amps : 400ma
VA :
Phases :

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