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CWE Inc Gemini Respiratory Monitor w/Cardiotachometer

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CWE Inc Gemini Respiratory Monitor w/Cardiotachometer

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Respiratory gas measurement has long been known to be an excellent indicator of respiratory status, for both spontaneously breathing and artificially ventilated animals.
The GEMINI Respiratory Monitor measures breath-by-breath oxygen and carbon dioxide concentration for accurate respiratory status assessment. The instrument uses the latest technology fast infrared (CO2) and paramagnetic (O2) measurement cells for unsurpassed accuracy and long-term stability.
Adjustable CO2 and respiratory rate alarms are standard. Linear voltage outputs are provided for both gasses and respiratory rate, and a standard RS232 serial port provides data for external monitoring or collection on a computer.

Oxygen analyzer type: paramagnetic
Linearity (0 – 100%): 0.1% O2
Repeatability: < 0.01% O2 /hour
Zero stability: 0.1% O2 /day
Zero stability: 0.2% O2 /month
Response time: <200 mS
Operating temperature: 0 – 65¶øC
Maximum pressure: 15 psi
Maximum sample flow: 250 ml/min
Instrument measurement range: 0 – 100% O2
Carbon Dioxide analyzer type: single-beam infrared
Operating range: 0 – 10% CO2
Linearity (full scale): 1% FS
Zero drift: 0.1% (8 hours), 0.2% (24 hours)
Sensor cell temperature: controlled at 48¶øC
Warm-up time: <5 min
Maximum sample flow: 250 ml/min
Instrument measurement range: 0 – 10.0% CO2
Respiratory Rate measurement range: 10 – 600 breaths/min
Respiratory Rate alarm range: 9 – 599 breaths/min
CO2 alarm range: 1.0 – 9.9%
Analog outputs: O2, CO2, Respiratory Rate
Analog signal outputs (rear panel): BNC jacks
Respiratory Rate output: 10mV/br/min
O2 output: 100mV/% O2
CO2 output: 100mV/% CO2

Includes option CT-1000 Cardiotachometer (part# 10-06000)

Cardiotachometer Specifications
Heart rate measurement range: 10-650 bpm
Measurement resolution: ¶ñ1 bpm (HR), ¶ñ1mS (R-R)
Low-level input range: ¶ñ100uV – ¶ñ5mV
High-level input range: ¶ñ50mV – ¶ñ5V
ECG analog output: 1.5V P-P (nominal)
Analog output scaling (Rate mode): 10mV/bpm
Analog output scaling (Interval mode): 5mV/mS
Low-level input isolation: 1500V isolation, less than 5uA leakage
Input connector: Amphenol 7-pin
Output connectors: BNC jack

Other Informations (if applicable)

Model : Gemini
Part Number :

Electrical Specs (if applicable)

Volts : 115
HZs : 50-60
Watts :
Amps : 1.5
VA : 35
Phases :

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