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CTI-Cryogenics, On-Board 8F Cryopump, 81160-12G00-1

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CTI-Cryogenics, On-Board 8F Cryopump, 81160-12G00-1

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CTI-Cryogenics, On-Board 8F Cryopump,

Model : On-Board 8F

Part Number : 81160-12G00-1

Made in : USA

Weight lbs : 75

Condition : In used when Removed

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The Brooks CTI-Cryogenics On-Board cryogenic vacuum pumps speed integration and improve system operation is the world standard for reliability and performance. Delivering superior up-time, On-Board cryopumps and consistent performance, with fully integrated controls and supporting peripherals, deliver superior up-time to increase overall tool productivity and up-time.

Key Features

  • Fast Regen™ capability that extends cryopump performance between regenerations
  • Simultaneous regeneration capability, enabled by networking your cryopumps, that speeds overall system regeneration
  • An  embedded microprocessor control to enhance performance, perform diagnostic routines and provide communication capability
  • Sophisticated software and easy-to-use graphical user interfaces to significantly improve performance and operation


Integrated HardwareRoughing Valve
Purge Valve
Cryopump TC Gauge
1st Stage Diode
2nd Stage Diode
1st Stage Heater
2nd Stage Heater
RS-232 Interface
Pumping speedsWater4,000 liters/sec
Nitrogen1,500 liters/sec
Hydrogen2,200 liters/sec
Argon1,200 liters/sec
Argon Throughput at 20K*250 – 700 sccm (Torr-liters/sec)
CapacitiesArgon1,000 std. liters @ 5 x 10-6 Torr
750 std. liters @ 5 x 10-7 Torr (recovery in 30 seconds)
Hydrogen12 std. liters @ 5 x 10-6 Torr
Nitrogen550 std. liters (recovery to 5 x 10-7 Torr in 30 seconds)
Crossover150 Torr-liters
Full Regeneration – Cold to Cold
(with 1 minute extended purge)
≤ 90 minutes (1 pump / 1 compressor)
≤ 120 minutes (5 pumps / 1 compressor)
Fast Regeneration≤ 35 minutes (1 pump / 1 compressor)
≤ 60 minutes (5 pumps / 1 compressor)
Weight78 lbs



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