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Corning 3641 96 Well NBS Flat Bottom Polystyrene Plate (75)

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Corning 3641 96 Well NBS Flat Bottom Polystyrene Plate (75)

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3 Boxes of 25 Corning 96 Well NBS Treated Clear Flat Bottom Polystyrene Plates

Non-Binding surface (NBS) multiwell plates have a modified polymer surface (PS) which results in a non-ionic hydrophilic surface (polyethylene oxide-like), thereby minimizing bio-interaction and enhancing the signal-to-noise ratio. Results have demonstrated NBS?s ability to significantly reduce protein and nucleic acid binding to polymers (<2 ng/cm2; over 90% reduction of protein binding compare to PS & PP surface), maintain enzyme activity, and inhibit adhesion of a number of cell lines. These novel surface technologies for assay plates are ideal for homogeneous assays such as Scintillation Proximity Assay (SPA). In addition to a 20 fold increase in signal-to-noise ratio, selected assays have also displayed improved sensitivity and specificity.

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