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Bio-Tek Instruments ELx50 Microplate Strip Washer

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Bio-Tek Instruments ELx50 Microplate Strip Washer

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As a self contained and programmable instrument, the ELx50 allows for full control of precise fluidic delivery from the gentle dripping of a simple squeeze bottle to the full force of pressure delivery systems.

The ELx50 is a fast and versatile automated strip washer which can come equipped with our patented Dual-Action 16-channel manifold. This breakthrough design allows for independent control of the dispense and aspiration manifolds for overfill washing and overflow protection in both 96- and 384-well formats. The problem of fitting dispense and aspirate tubes into a much smaller 384-well is solved with the ELx50.

Additionally, in a 96-well format, the Dual-Action manifold provides incomparable wash performance with two sets of dispense and aspiration tubes per well. This exclusive method of two-fold aspiration guarantees low residuals. The ELx50 Auto Strip Washer is the perfect solution for low volume users of both 96- and 384-well microplates.

Part Number ELx50/12 does 96-well only.

24Vdc, 40W Power Supply not included.

Other Informations (if applicable)

Model : ELx50
Part Number : ELx50/12

Electrical Specs (if applicable)

Volts : 24
HZs :
Watts : 40
Amps :
VA :
Phases : 1

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