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Bio-Rad PowerPac 3000 3000V Electrophoresis Power Supply

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Bio-Rad PowerPac 3000 3000V Electrophoresis Power Supply

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PowerPac power supplies provide constant voltage, power, and current for electrophoresis applications. The PowerPac 3000 is ideal for DNA sequencing, isoelectrofocusing (IEF), and electrophoresis.

The PowerPac 3000 is fully programmable, with the capacity to store up to 9 separate methods, with each method consisting of up to 9 steps. PowerPac default limit values for voltage, current, and power are displayed when the unit first is turned on. These values may be changed for each application. PowerPac power supplies can run continuously, or they can be programmed to run under time or volthours control. Up to four electrophoresis cells can be connected to a power supply.

Output Range, Volts: 20-3000 Volts in 1 Volt steps
Output Range, Amps: 1-400 mA in 1 mA steps
Output Range, Watts: 1-400 W in 1 W steps
Type of Output: Constant voltage, current or power with automatic crossover
Output terminals: 4 recessed sets in parallel
Memory Storage: 9 programs
Steps per Program: 9 steps
Timer Control: 99 hr, 59 min maximum
Display: Backlit graphics LCD

Other Informations (if applicable)

Model : PowerPac 3000
Part Number : 165-5056

Electrical Specs (if applicable)

Volts : 100-120
HZs : 50-60
Watts : 600
Amps : 8
VA :
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