Avensys BB-400 Intelligent Bubbler System

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Avensys BB-400 Intelligent Bubbler System

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  • Condition: In use when removed
  • Manufacturer: Avensys
  • Model: BB-400
  • Made In: Canada
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The model BB-400 is an automated system primarily used in remote areas for the level measurement of surface and ground water. The system can also be used in industrial tanks and reservoirs.
The liquid or water level is determined by measuring the pressure required to produce gas bubbles at the orifice of two pairs of submerged tubes with their orifice positioned at precise levels.
The BB-400 features a state of the art microprocessor enabling accuracy, reliability and ease of maintenance through auto diagnostics. The microprocessor controls a set of electro valves that creates and sends a low and fine tuned air flow through the measuring tubes. the instrument detects each bubble.
The System also features an automatic periodic purge and continuous gas flow to eliminate and remove obstructions from the tubes. Air desiccant is used to eliminate condensation and potential freezing trouvles at low operating temperature.

Atmospheric pressure is continuously measured to ensure maximum accuracy. All measurements are made at each second. Level refreshment is made within one minute.

Water level range: 0-20 meters
Level Accuracy: /- 0.1% FS
Refreshing Rate: 60 Seconds or less
Purge rate: 1 tp 30 times a month
Purge duration: 1 to 10 seconds each tube
Tube length: No theoretical limitation

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