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Applied Biosystems API 2000 LC MS MS System

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Applied Biosystems API 2000 LC MS MS System

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Applied Biosystems MDS SCIEX API 2000 LC/MS/MS System

The Applied Biosystems / Perkin-Elmer API 2000 LC/MS/MS System is a high performance triple quadrupole mass spectrometer with applications in high-throughput pharmacokinetic screening, pharmaceutical impurity profiling, environmental analysis, and protein and peptide analysis.

Triple quadrupole MS/MS is one of the most sensitive and specific technologies for small molecule quantitation. The fragmentation capabilities of tandem mass spectrometry also provide critical information for structural elucidation of unknown compounds.

The API 2000 LC/MS/MS System features robust ion sources from Applied Biosystems/MDS SCIEX. These sources offer full articulation with large viewing ports for easy optimization. To prevent contamination during switching, the sources are positively vented and include the
patented Curtain Gas interface to maximize ion transfer to the mass analyzer and provide superior
ruggedness and reliability.

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Model : API 2000
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Electrical Specs (if applicable)

Volts : 207-242
HZs : 50~60
Watts :
Amps : 10
VA :
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